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Biocompatible materials developed to get the highest performance in the dental industry.

PowerResins Dental Model

Rapidly Produce highly accurate Dental Models   PowerResins Model is a special ceramic based 3d printer resin for d...
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PowerResins Castable Burn

Produce Cr-Co metal or IPS e-max press all types of crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and frameworks PowerResins Burn is a special ...
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PowerResins Ortho Model

Orthodontic model resin for Aligners Vacuum Thermoforming PowerResins OrthoModel is a special 3d printer resin for orthodontic dental...
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PowerResins SG

Produce accurate and high quality implant guides   SG is a biocompatible CE Class 1 resin, developed for the 3d pri...
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PowerResins Denture

Rapidly Produce high quality denture bases Powerresins Denture is a biocompatible resin (Class IIa), developed for the 3d printing an...
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PowerResins Temp

Rapidly produce Temporary crowns and bridges Temp resin is a biocompatible resin for patient’s in-mouth use as temporary teeth....
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