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HDM Dental Laboratory is known to be an experienced and well trained laboratory for the most varied and complex facilities.

Telescopic and Precision attachment  dentures are another area of our expertise that we have close to perfected. New doctors are amazed when they get their first precision attachment partial denture from HDM Dental Laboratory  and it drops right in without any adjustment. We are able to accomplish this by taking care in every step of the process.

Similar to our Implant work our technicians complete these dentures under magnification to achieve precision fit. In addition, we’ve had experience with just about every type of attachment on the market and can guide you on what we’ve seen work well depending on the specifics of your case. We can create custom, high quality telescopic or precision attachment partial dentures for your patients, every time, with accuracy for the perfect fit.

The right process guarantees perfect results


Bar dentures

There are many types of bar dentures. Includes locator abutments, dolder bar, hayder bar, clip or ball type attachments, Bar dentures are a ...
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An Over denture is a type of denture that fits over the top of patient’s teeth or dental implants. The Over denture is fastened by att...
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Telescopic denture

Telescopic dentures are a top specialty of HDM Dental Laboratory. A telescopic denture makes use of the remaining teeth to hold the de...
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Precision attachments / Locators

Dental precision attachments connect removable partial dentures to fixed bridgework or crown under a male/female locking mechanism. Some adv...
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Key key way /Dove tail

 A connector is that part of an fixed partial denture that unites a pontic to a retainer or joins pontics together. Connectors are clas...
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Magnet attachments

A preformed device within an overdenture which connects to a precision or magnetic component on a tooth, root or implant abutments to improv...
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